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May 2016

Nonprofits: Operate Lean with Managed Services

By | Managed IT Services


lean nonprofit managed servicesEvery organization is faced with the challenge of doing more with less, as well as the challenge of working with a tighter budget and more competition. But those challenges are exacerbated when an organization is a nonprofit charged with making every dollar count. No leader knows more than a nonprofit leader about how to do more with less. To operate as leanly as possible, nonprofits often adopt the mindset that they must do without the latest technology and just make do with what they have, but having worked with many Ohio nonprofits, thinkCSC has a different perspective – one that ensures your nonprofit stays around to achieve your mission.

Managed IT services, cloud-based technology and operations, and upgraded infrastructure will help your nonprofit operate leaner than ever. It may seem counterintuitive, but the small up-front investment you make in upgraded infrastructure, and the time you invest to assess your data and security needs, to shift to cloud-based operations, can save you thousands of dollars or more in lost time, energy, and revenue. And shifting to a more predictable cost model, by making IT an operating expense rather than a capital expense, will free up some time for your organization and allow you to focus on making a difference for Ohio.

Lean Nonprofit Management

When operating on a tight budget, having an IT department is a luxury that many nonprofits cannot afford. Yet because nonprofits are often legally obligated to maintain stringent regulatory standards in order to accept donations, having the right security in place is essential. Unfortunately, nonprofits are also often the target of phishing and malware scams, making tight security more important than ever before. To protect your constituents, your donors, and your integrity, it can be far less costly to work with a managed services provider that can:

  • Manage and monitor your network and servers
  • Proactively manage your IT security so that it is always up to date
  • Ensure you have the best possible uptime through proactive infrastructure management
  • Install, manage, and update enterprise-level threat detection and security systems
  • Provide securely hosted email and data storage that provides you with peace of mind when it comes time for compliance audits

Make a Difference without Worry

As cyber security remains a top concern for business leaders in every industry, taking the necessary steps to protect your nonprofit becomes a high priority. Nonprofits can benefit from working with managed IT service providers who partner with your organization, understand your needs, and provide customized solutions to ensure that you have the protection you need. thinkCSC is committed to helping our nonprofit clients find the most economical solutions to meet their needs. For more information, contact us today.