Top Managed Service Priorities for Columbus Organizations

By December 4, 2023business continuity
managed service priorities for Columbus organizations

As we approach yet another new year, we are reminded of one constant: Nothing stays the same. Technologies – and the threats they represent for your business – change quickly. With cyber threats ranging from generative AI technology, such as ChatGPT, to sophisticated phishing campaigns designed to fool even the most well-trained eye, every business must remain vigilant, implement protocols that assess threats, and employ updated solutions that help to mitigate risk.  Here are some of the concerns Columbus organizations are focused on as they plan for the future:


There are ongoing concerns about data breaches and the need for robust cybersecurity measures, and the threats keep getting more sophisticated. Now, cybercriminals are employing generative AI tools to help them appear even more like an insider. Improvements in threat detection, security measures, and employee awareness training will be essential.


As most organizations, work towards better compliance, partnering with an MSP becomes essential. With evolving data protection and privacy regulations, it pays to be proactive. While there’s no 100-percent-secure solution, thinkCSC delivers the most innovative and effective technologies available to ensure your systems are compliant with federal regulations in your industry.

Cloud Management

For businesses, the acquisition of unlimited data storage and virtual IT services is no longer about a race to the cloud; it’s about effectively managing your existing cloud services to be efficient, secure, scalable, and cost effective. Working with a Columbus MSP like thinkCSC provides an assurance of data integrity. Organizations know exactly where their data is at all times and have peace of mind knowing their data is optimized and secure.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations in the coming years is the proliferation of AI. Finding ways to leverage this technology to create better efficiencies in your organization without putting your organization at additional risk is challenging. Having a managed service provider (MSP) that is proactively involved in monitoring your network can help ensure that your business and your data remain secure as you explore these new technologies.

Pittsburgh Business Times hosted a virtual roundtable moderated by Susan Koeppen, in which local experts, including our CEO Michael Stratos, discussed the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and the challenge of using AI tools in business. Sharing the stage with Michael were River Point Technology CEO Jeffrey Eiben, Highmark Health Chief Data and Analytics Officer Richard Clarke, and Vice President at CGI Sujeet Gandhe. Watch it here.

Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Building resilient systems to mitigate the impact of potential disasters, planning and testing disaster recovery strategies, and providing offsite backup and recovery services are a core piece of managed services. When it comes to keeping your customers happy, uptimes and accessibility matter. Having your information stored in our cloud reduces downtime, provides provisions during emergencies and outages, and prevents the loss of your data.

Penetration Testing

How do you know where your network weak points are if you can’t see them?

Do you wait for cybercriminals to expose weaknesses for you?

We think it’s a much better idea to rely on our Blue Bastion blue, red, and purple teams to conduct annual penetration testing, to isolate and address any vulnerabilities you have. We are pleased to announce that thinkCSC is now offering penetration testing for all clients.

In the last year, the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks has grown exponentially. Our assessments help protect your company, employees, and customers against these attacks and are necessary to meet your industry compliance and insurance requirements. Blue Bastion’s Offensive Security and Defensive Security teams have worked together to create several solutions that emulate these attacks, ensuring that your security posture protects you and your business against these threats. To schedule testing, contact us at

Scalability and Flexibility

One of the things we all discovered during the pandemic was the need to become more agile. Many organizations were unable to quickly respond to the rapidly changing circumstances they were faced with and had to scramble to make adjustments, often absorbing unanticipated costs. When working with an MSP, the ability to remain flexible and scale up and down as needed is much easier since your managed services can adapt to changing technology and business requirements.

Vendor Management

When it comes to maintaining the security of your network, it’s not just your internal systems you must contend with. Many government contracts require you to certify that the vendors with whom you work also meet the same security standards. To keep these contracts and grants – and to have a competitive advantage when vying for new ones – your business may need to meet and adhere to compliance requirements, such as NIST, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, and other guidelines. An MSP can help you manage relationships with your third-party vendors.

Skill Shortages and Talent Acquisition

There is a serious shortage of tech talent across the country, and it can be expensive to recruit and retain internal talent. Even if you maintain an internal IT support department, keeping it staffed with skilled talent can be challenging. Your MSP can help fill the gaps in your internal team and save you the expense of FTEs by providing the support you need.

thinkCSC Is Your Partner in Growth and Continuity

As you begin planning your strategy for the coming year – or even the next five to ten years – you can enjoy the peace of mind that your organization needs, by having the experts and experience of thinkCSC, Columbus’s top managed service provider, by your side.

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thinkCSC is a top managed service provider serving the Columbus region for more than 30 years. If your organization is already working with us, never hesitate to reach out to your vCIO. If you are considering working with a Columbus MSP to make IT costs more predictable, while also alleviating the strain on your internal IT resources, consider the benefits of thinkCSC’s managed IT services. Contact thinkCSC for more information.


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