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March 2013

Features of Voice over IP and PBX Follow Me

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voipfeaturesBusinesses adapt new technologies to fill a specific need all of the time. Many set up web-managed voicemail and PBX Follow Me without realizing their full capabilities. It’d be a shame to let these tools go to waste. Take a moment now to learn how Voice over IP and PBX Follow Me can modify how you do business.

Web-Managed Voicemail

Web-managed voicemail enables any company with a customer service department to create a customer response line that goes to voicemail. This allows you to store messages for support, feedback and questions so you know that each request will be handled. Employees can use their inbox as a to-do list, filing messages once a request is complete, and you’d always have the message there for reference if needed. This same line will also record customer feedback that you can sort into accolades and complaints.

At thinkCSC, we use the 24/7 contact settings to add enhanced service for our clients. You do this by simply adjusting your PBX Follow Me settings. We give these 24/7 clients a specific code to punch in, which dials them to a virtual extension. PBX Follow Me directs this virtual extension directly to the cell phone of that week’s on-call engineer. Any company can set PBX Follow Me to give customers access to an on-call person, if they need support after regular business hours.

Advantages of Web-Managed VoIP

Another big advantage of web-managed Voice mail IP is that it allows you to manage personal and business voicemails, organizing them into folders; you can also forward phone calls via email. With PBX Follow Me, the extensions you create don’t even have to be actual phones. They can be virtual extensions that only have mailboxes.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution, better known as phone call queuing, acts as a service or sales queue. At thinkCSC, we use the queue for our help desk. The way it works is simple: a customer dials in and presses “1” for service. That call is then dropped in the same sort of queue used by AT&T, Dell or Microsoft. The calls are tagged and organized in the order they’re received. Callers can stay on hold or drop out of the queue and leave a voicemail in our service desk, which is another virtual extension. We also use an email distribution list that’s forwarded to managers, so anyone in the service desk room receives these voicemails through the automatic distribution queue. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Record Every Call

Voice over IP and PBX Follow Me enable you to record every call, which includes conference calls. Yes, there’s even a conference call system that allows you to set up and host your own conference calls, also allowing you to personalize the prompts and record the entire conversation. All of these tools are at your disposal. If you have any questions, you can reach us 24/7. We guarantee a timely response.