BDR: 3 Reasons to Take Action Now

By January 11, 2024BDR
BDR - Take Action Now

A backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution is a necessity for every business. Unless you plan to shutter your doors when the next disaster strikes, you need to have BDR in place, so that you can recover data, work from an offsite location, and serve your customers during an emergency. You may not be capable of predicting the future, but you can ensure that your business and your data are protected from loss when something unexpected does occur.

What Is BDR?

Whether a server crashes, you experience a hardware failure, or a storm hinders business operations, BDR protects your organization from catastrophic loss. There are three reasons why you should take action now and implement a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan:

Avoid the Costs of Unplanned Downtime.

According to International Data Corporation, more than 80 percent of small businesses have experienced downtime from unexpected equipment failures, with costs reaching $25,000 per incident. And according to FEMA, nearly half of all small businesses never reopen following a natural disaster. Your customers expect you to be available when they need you, and unplanned downtime costs more than money; it costs you your reputation and the loyalty of your customers.

Increase Cybersecurity Protection

Human error is often the cause of unexpected disasters, but BDR can offer protection, should your business fall victim to  phishing or ransomware attacks. Even if an employee inadvertently clicks on a link that triggers ransomware, having your data backed up offsite can help get you up and running quickly.

Ensure Business Continuity

Nature is unpredictable. Whether a storm knocks out power or some other natural disaster makes your office inaccessible, planning ahead can keep you in business. Regularly backing up your data to an offsite location makes it easier to recover essential information and continue serving your customers, even if you can’t get to your office.

A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Is the Cornerstone for Business Continuity

BDR provides a powerful defense against unforeseen disruptions. Beyond its fundamental role in protecting data, BDR offers a multitude of benefits that are crucial for maintaining business continuity and fortifying the overall health of an organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Data privacy regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and BDR provides a safeguard for businesses striving to comply with these regulatory standards. The ability to securely backup and recover your data ensures that sensitive information is protected, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Downtime affects more than your bottom line; it also hampers the productivity of your workforce. BDR enables a rapid recovery of systems and data, minimizing downtime and allowing employees to resume their tasks with minimal delay. This, in turn, maintains optimal productivity levels and ensures that the workflow remains uninterrupted.

Strategic Decision Making

Beyond immediate data recovery, BDR contributes to the overall resilience of your business by providing valuable insights. The ability to analyze historical data, trends, and performance metrics from backups empowers businesses to make informed, strategic decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of their past operations.

System Upgrades and Migrations

BDR can streamline the process of system upgrades or migrations by providing a safety net. Before undertaking significant changes, businesses can create backups to ensure that in the event of unforeseen complications, they can swiftly revert to a stable state without incurring significant losses.

Take BDR Action Now

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is at risk for an IT disaster, whether it’s as a result of equipment failure or some external force. The only way to effectively protect your business in a way that minimizes disruption is by implementing a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery program. Don’t wait until disaster happens – prepare now for the unexpected.

The benefits of backup and disaster recovery extend far beyond the immediate protection of data. From regulatory compliance and employee productivity to strategic decision making and system upgrades, BDR plays a multifaceted role in fortifying businesses against the myriad challenges they may face. By proactively embracing BDR, businesses not only shield themselves from potential disasters but also position themselves for sustained growth and resilience in an ever-evolving landscape.

thinkCSC can help you develop a backup and disaster recovery plan that keeps your business running, even in the most challenging situations. With our data backup and recovery solutions, we place your data in our cloud to keep you working until repairs are made or until it’s possible to return to the office. Having your information stored in our cloud reduces downtime, provides provisions during emergencies and outages, and prevents data loss.

At thinkCSC, we take your cybersecurity seriously. Be proactive and take steps to protect your company today. To learn more about BDR, contact thinkCSC.