Who Is Chuck?

Chuck is thinkCSC personified. Created in 2003 with the help of Companies Are People, Too, Chuck was an exercise to help us better define and emulate our company culture and provide a better workplace for the talented people we bring on board. Chuck is quite a person. He or she:

  • Aims to please
  • Is business savvy
  • Demonstrates genuine care for his colleagues, company, and clients
  • Works hard and plays hard; his favorite vacation is anywhere with friends and family
  • Is trusting and dependable
  • Bends the rules where his colleagues’ and clients’ best interests are concerned

Chuck of the Year Award

Each year since 2004, thinkCSC employees anonymously nominate one of their peers for “Chuck of the Year.” During our annual thinkCSC party, each nomination is a read aloud. This is a great exercise in which each of us gets to hear what others think about a specific co-worker. Most nominations tend to be humorous. The award is earned by the thinkCSC family member who best exemplifies and consistently upholds Chuck’s character and personality.

Chuck of the Year Winners

2022 – Adam Gossett
2021 – Brian Johnson
2020 – Jason Hanschu
2019 – Bill Wagg
2018 – Mike Jenkins
2017 – Debbie Long
2016 – Craig Carrigan
2015 – Tony Capalino
2014 – Mike Jenkins
2013 – John Larger
2012 – Jason Hanschu
2011 – Bryan Dwyer
2010 – Sean Holshu
2009 – Anthony Capalino
2008 – Jason Bleim
2007 – Henry Bonath
2006 – Rick Evans
2005 – Kurt Camealy
2004 – Keith Lowe

Knowing who and what we are as a company, and treating each other like a true family, makes us all strive to do our best for our clients. Interested in joining our team? Apply now.