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July 2012

Connecting and Growing with a Client: YWCA Partnership

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csc_ywcaby Tom Hastings

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing technology to many different types of businesses and organizations is what happens when you build those relationships beyond the professional level. One local client that we’re closely tied to is the YWCA Columbus. In providing IT support for them over the years, we have heard countless stories about the displaced families who go there and get help – not only food and shelter but with getting back on their feet. We couldn’t help but look for ways to get involved beyond the extent of our professional services.

The YWCA is an organization that does so much for so many people. Knowing this has touched me over the last few months as I have further developed my partnership with them. thinkCSC contributes as a sponsor of the YWCA’s various annual events, including Women of Achievement, their Annual Meeting and their Women to Women event. It has been an eye-opening experience to give back to one of our clients in this way.

Jay, one of our younger engineers, works closely with the YWCA. Jay was so impressed with the YWCA’s commitment to the underserved of our community that he went to the grocery store, filled his cart with home goods and groceries, and dropped them off at the YWCA. Most people at that age are thinking only of themselves, but he spent time at the Y and was touched by what he witnessed and experienced. That resonates with me, because it speaks to our culture here at thinkCSC. When our guys take off their work hats and see how they can make a difference elsewhere with a client, it makes me proud to be working with them.

We have come to believe in what the YWCA does. Our sponsorship and individual contributions led us to find out more about them than we ever thought we would. As a business owner, it is very powerful when our clients’ mission circles back and motivates us to do more. On a professional level, our technology services help them run efficiently, so they can focus more resources on the women and families they serve, but it is the impact they’ve had on us as individuals that inspires me.

If you are in the Columbus area and would like to support the YWCA in their efforts, sign up to volunteer or visit their giving page.