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December 2014

Holiday Wishes

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All of us at thinkCSC wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate your support and partnership. As we look forward to 2015, we hope the New Year brings you many reasons to celebrate.

Securing Your Business Network

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13900884393bkprReports of security breaches are coming in fast and furiously. What started as a trickle of breaches at a handful of retailers like Target and Home Depot has turned into an all-out assault on business networks across the globe. Security breaches can literally stop your business in its tracks. Securing your business network has never been a more important consideration for your continued business operations.

Network Security – A Necessity

Your network is the heart of your business, connecting your employees to the software, communication, and information applications you need to operate your business. A properly secured network keeps your business operational.

Proper security:

  • Keeps your business flexible as conditions change
  • Provides a secure foundation from which you can interact safely
  • Allows you to collaborate effectively with team members and customers
  • Ensures governmental and industry standards compliance
  • Allows you to control who has information access, as well as how and when information is accessed
  • Reduces costs (data loss and security breaches cost U.S. businesses almost $70 billion a year)
  • Allows you to leverage a flexible and remote workforce without risk
  • Reduces risks of downtime, data loss, and litigation

Developing a secure network is more than just having policies and procedures in place if you don’t have the hardware and software to back up your plan. A truly secure network can only be achieved by making sure every access point – every email address, every laptop, every file – is securely stored, controlled, and monitored.

thinkCSC Offers Superior Network Security

Network security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. thinkCSC recognizes the need that business owners have to balance security with cost-effective solutions. Our experts begin by conducting a risk assessment: identifying your needs, pinpointing your most critical vulnerabilities, and helping you develop a comprehensive plan and security strategy. From firewall protection to hosted email to offsite data backup in a private, locally owned cloud, thinkCSC has the solutions you need to sleep at night. Schedule your Technical Needs Assessment today.