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By June 25, 2020SMB
thinkCSC supports SMBs

As may always be the case, small and midsize businesses bear the brunt of every catastrophe. It follows, then, that SMBs don’t have the resources of larger corporations to withstand the downturn in business brought on by the pandemic; SMBs don’t have the budgets to pivot as quickly. Supporting a remote workforce is more costly and more challenging. Meeting security requirements is likewise a difficulty. Many Columbus-area SMBs quickly recognized the critical need for partnering with a managed services provider (MSP). Here are some of the ways thinkCSC supports SMBs and continues to help them through this crisis.

Rapid Cloud Adoption

When your team is suddenly working from 15-20 different homes instead of a central office space, cloud hosting becomes critical. For many SMBs, this had not yet been a top priority. thinkCSC recognized how cloud-based services could help SMBs lighten their workloads, speed up collaboration, and maintain business continuity, working diligently to provide the infrastructure and configuration required to relocate remote employees to the cloud and connect them.

Short- and Long-Term Business Continuity Challenges

The complexity of shifting to the cloud and supporting a remote workforce while still meeting customer demand can be overwhelming. Rather than implementing stop-gap measures, our vCIOs worked with the SMBs we serve to develop immediate strategies as well as long-term solutions that allowed the speed of the cloud and the collaborative nature of the workforce situation to continue over a long period of time in ways that would benefit the organization.

Extended Network Capability

When you suddenly need remote connections and offsite backup, not just from one location but from every employee’s home, flexing up that network capability falls in the hands of your MSP.  Beyond just providing network support, however, our team is on the go, providing a variety of services to clients, including hardware setup and 24/7 support.

Reliable Tech Support and Service

One of the most difficult parts of running a business during a global crisis is the unknown. It’s easy to panic and to think you’re alone. MSPs filled a gap for many SMBs, helping them sort out what they needed to survive in the immediate moments of the crisis and then planning for a more stable and comprehensive plan to position the companies to make strategic decisions that ensure survival.

thinkCSC supports SMBs and works closely with Ohio businesses to help keep their data safe and accessible. We deploy innovative, affordable technology to help your organization maximize network efficiencies and minimize external threats. With a specific focus on the needs of your industry and organization, we offer customized solutions, dedicated technical support and expertise, and state-of-the-art security solutions specifically designed to meet the unique demands that apply to supporting a long-term remote workforce. Contact us to learn more.


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