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December 2013

Support Remote Workforce without Sacrificing Productivity

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile there may be a number of technical and administrative hurdles preventing you from getting work done, during this time of year, inclement weather and a variety of holiday disruptions make doing so even more difficult.

thinkCSC offers a variety of solutions to help you foster productivity during the holidays while allowing employees to work from home. And we can help you protect your data at the same time.

Not only will you be able to minimize security risks, fostering a remote workforce can reduce risk of personal injury due to hazardous commutes and can keep your team members happy through the holidays. All of this can be realized without sacrificing your business. The goals of implementing a successful remote workforce program should include security, ease of use and flexibility.

Improve Security with Controlled Access

When you allow staff to work from home, one of the biggest concerns you’ll have to address is information security. From ensuring your secure data doesn’t land in the wrong hands to keeping relevant data with the appropriate employees, SyncedTool is a cloud-based solution that allows you to control who can access what files. This tool even provides a remote wipe option in case an employee opts to take a permanent vacation.

Make Working Off-Site Simple and Seamless with Remote Desktop and VoIP

When an employee logs in from home, regardless of the device they are using, it should be a seamless experience. The employee should be able to have exactly the same data set at home as they would at work. A remote desktop allows your employee to have access to everything he or she would have at the office, without the company’s security being compromised. VoIP allows any customer to call your employee’s extension and have it ring through to their cell phone wherever they are.

Improving Worker Flexibility Is Good for Business

Bob Schulz, a professor at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, co-authored a book on the benefits of what Canadians refer to as teleworking. “It makes a lot of sense for not only corporate productivity but also reducing emissions, reducing accidents and also improving productivity. It really is difficult from an analytical perspective to see why companies aren’t encouraging more telework,” explains Schulz. Ensuring business as usual during the winter months can be one of the most pressing issues this time of year for any organization; however, allowing your employees to work from home and providing the means to ensure the successful launch of a remote workforce is a viable answer to this often bitter-cold challenge. And freeing your employees from the chains of a cubicle can improve productivity, loyalty and service.

When implementing a flexible work arrangement, whether this includes your whole staff or a single employee, the most important factors to address are the security of your data and the seamlessness of the experience. thinkCSC’s cloud solutions, including SyncedTool and Remote Desktop as well as VoIP, will help you develop flexible work policies that offer measurable benefit to the company without the risk to your data or your employees.