Windows XP Faces Extinction

By October 17, 2013thinkCSC Security Alert

extinctWindows XP, like the dinosaur, the Dodo Bird, and the Sabre Tooth Tiger before it, will be extinct by next April. There is no saving it – it’s doomed to be another relic in a museum. Because Microsoft support for Windows XP will end in April 2014.

Software can be a lot like a comfortable pair of boots. You like how it looks and feels. It’s comfortable. And because of that, you may hesitate to upgrade when you should. But like those broken-in, worn-out boots that leave you with at least a bruised ego, choosing not to upgrade your software can leave you with much more painful damage. Regardless of which platform you choose, upgrading your Windows operating system is crucial if you want to receive Microsoft support and protect your business systems from vulnerability. The risks of using extinct, unsupported software include:

  • Potential security breaches
  • Reduced functionality
  • Incompatibility with other programs
  • Increased downtime

There are two options for replacing your Windows XP system: Windows 7 and Windows 8. While Windows 8 is the most recent Windows version, Windows 7 may be the better choice for some businesses.

For those businesses in which the computer is a way to track invoices, send a few emails and occasionally update a website, Windows 7 may be the preferred choice. Windows 7 allows for a variety of customizations to the look and feel of your computer yet remains a basic tool for one-clicking your way to the programs and files you use most often.

For those businesses with a mobile workforce, and for those who work as much from a tablet or phone as they do a desktop or laptop, Windows 8 is designed to be a mobile-friendly operating system. Windows 8 is for people who embrace change and already spend more time using touchscreens than they do typing.

Now is the time to let go of your broken-in, worn-out operating system. It’s moved to the top of the endangered species list. And whether you choose Windows 7 or Windows 8, each platform offers better collaboration, performance and security than sticking with one that is on the extinction list. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible to ensure ongoing security and stability. If you’re not sure where to start, thinkCSC can facilitate the ordering and implementation of the new operating system. We can assess your current infrastructure to ensure its compatibility with new software. Contact us today for more information.


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