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February 2023

Meeting the Managed IT Needs of Columbus Organizations
thinkCSC Welcomes New NOC Staff

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January 2023

Managed Security for Columbus Organizations
thinkCSC Joins the National Cybersecurity Alliance as a 2023 Data Privacy Week Champion


December 2022

SMBs Must Prioritize Cybersecurity Before a Breach Occurs

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November 2022

MFA Locks Down Your Data
The State of the Cyberinsurance Market

October 2022

Why a Password Manager Is a Critical Tool for Keeping Your Data Accessible and Secure
thinkCSC Signs On as 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Champion

September 2022

SMBs Outsource IT to MSPs for Stronger IT Teams
Why Your Organization Needs an Acceptable Use Policy

August 2022

Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Compliance for Columbus Organizations
5 Reasons Law Firms Need a Managed IT Partner

July 2022

Small Businesses Are a Big Target
Featured Service: Data Backup and Recovery

June 2022

Insurance Companies Need a Managed IT Partner
thinkCSC Named Top B2B Service Provider on UpCity
Featured Service: Insurance IT Support

May 2022

thinkCSC Phishing Guide: Don’t Take the Bait
thinkCSC Welcomes Field Engineer Jason Maxey
Featured Service: Endpoint Protection

April 2022

Managed IT Providers – A Good Investment for Columbus Finance Firms
thinkCSC Welcomes New Client Care Specialist Alex Bultema
Featured Service: vCIO

March 2022

Banking Industry Benefits from MSP Expertise
How Columbus Organizations Should Manage Russian Cybersecurity Threats
thinkCSC Welcomes New NOC Engineer Logan Strong

February 2022

Does My Accounting Firm Need an MSP?
Congratulations to Our 2021 Chuck of the Year, Brian Johnson!
thinkCSC Welcomes New NOC Engineer Tyler Utley

January 2022

Outsourcing IT Makes Good Business Sense
thinkCSC Celebrates 30 Years


December 2021

Happy Holidays

November 2021

Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart
The Human Element of Cybersecurity
Stay Off the Phishing Hook
Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Responsibility

October 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart
Now Hiring: Business Development Manager
Create a Remote Workforce Strategy with Smart IT Investments

September 2021

Don’t Let IT Security Challenges Keep You from Getting the Big Contracts
Back to School with thinkCSC

August 2021

Should My Business Use a Password Manager?
vCIO Services

July 2021

Don’t Panic Over Reports of Another Serious Ransomware Attack – ACT
Ransomware Is More Than Just an Abstract Problem for Large Corporations

July 2021 – Security Alert

Kaseya Ransomware Attack

June 2021

Should Business Leaders
Pay the Ransom?
Your Employees Are Your Frontline Defense, So Give Them the Tools They Need with Employee Awareness Training

May 2021

CEOs, If You’re Worried About Cyber Threats, You’re Not Alone
The Right MSP Delivers the Ingredients for Success

April 2021

Benefits of Public Cloud Backups
Create a Remote Workforce Strategy with Smart IT Investments
Work for thinkCSC

March 2021

What Is Enterprise Mobility Management?

thinkCSC Endpoint Protection

February 2021

Strategic IT Investments: SMBs Lead the Way

Benefits of Offsite Replication

January 2021

Insourced vs Outsourced IT

Getting Back to Business


December 2020

What Happens When Your IT Professional Leaves?

It’s Been a Tough Year for Non-Profits – We Can Help

November 2020

Fraud at the Expense of the CEO – Preventing Whaling Attacks

It’s Time to Update Your Incident Response Plan

October 2020

Individual Data Security and Organizational Data Security Go Hand in Hand

October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

September 2020

COVID-19 Made a NIST Cybersecurity Framework More Critical for Ohio Businesses

Schools Are Being Targeted for Ransomware

August 2020

Managed IT Services in Columbus

IT Strategy Planning: Who Should Be Sitting at Your Table

July 2020

New Microsoft 365 Delivers SMBs a Big Boost

Vulnerability in Windows DNS Server

June 2020

Reimagining the Workplace: The Future of Business

Post-Pandemic IT Strategy Planning

May 2020

Reimagining K-12: Planning a Safe Return to School

thinkCSC’s New Resource Library Is Available to All Subscribers

April 2020

Business Continuity in the Age of COVID-19

Phishing Attacks on the Rise

COVID-19 Support Teleworking Safely

March 202o

An Important Message from thinkCSC

February 2020

Stretch Your Operational Budget with thinkCSC
thinkCSC Attends LifeCare Alliance’s Big Wheels Event
Bill Wagg Selected as thinkCSC Chuck of the Year
thinkCSC Team Will Be at OETC

January 2020

Business Emails Are a Big Target During Tax Season
Your Data Isn’t Secure Just Because It’s in the Cloud


December 2019

Malicious Attacks Are on the Rise
thinkCSC Welcomes New NOC Engineer

November 2019

You Can’t Hire for That: Why Enterprises Need MSPs
Your Credentials Are a Hot Commodity on the Dark Web

October 2019

Outsourced IT: The Auto Mechanics of the Business World
October Is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

September 2019

Your IT Philosophy Dictates Business Success
thinkCSC Welcomes New NOC Engineer

August 2019

Choosing the Right MSP
Windows 7 Is Now a Security Risk

July 2019

Don’t Pay the Ransom
thinkCSC Welcomes New vCIO

June 2019

Creating a Cybersecure Team
thinkCSC Welcomes New Business Development Manager
thinkCSC in the Community

May 2019

Improve Security with a vCIO
Municipalities Under Threat from RobbinHood Ransomware

April 2019

Every Small Business Needs BDR
Ohio Safe Harbor Protection Can Reduce Risk for Your Organization

March 2019

Ransomware Happens: Are You Ready?
Citrix Data Breach: What You Need to Know

February 2019

Mobile Technology Demands Two-Factor Authentication
Security Alert: Tech Support Phishing Scams

January 2019

To Better Prevent Ransomware, Think Like a Hacker
How the Government Shutdown Is Putting National Cybersecurity at Risk


December 2018

Are You Spending the Right Budget Percentage on IT Services?
Security Update: Bitcoin Bomb Threats

November 2018

Email Security Remains Top Concern, Yet Few Pay Attention
End-of-Life for Windows 7 is Near: Is Your Business Ready?

October 2018

Collaboration is the Future of Cybersecurity
October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month; Get your free download: 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack

September 2018

10 Information Security Tips for Every Organization
Ohio Passes Data Protection Act


December 2017

Data Breaches Affect Everyone
Hackers Are Now Threatening Schools Across the U.S.
Cybersecurity Is More Important than Ever
Dedicated Cybersecurity Expertise Combined with Advanced Threat Intelligence

September 2017

Need Better IT Security? Managed Security Service Providers Are the Answer
Vulnerability Management
Usernames and Passwords: An Illusion of Security
October Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

June 2017

Make Your Employees Your First Line of Cybersecurity Defense
WannaCry Ransomware
SMBs Have a Level Playing Field in Today’s IT Environment
Is Your School Vulnerable to Ransomware?

March 2017

IoT Security: What Your Business Must Know
The Biggest Ransomware Threat is Coming
Ransomware is Not Going Away, but BDR Will Keep You in Business
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Teaching Employees about Cybersecurity Can Be Child’s Play


December 2016

IT Security, Strategy, and Infrastructure – A Look Ahead
Protect Your Investment in Your Business: Invest in IT Security
Security Concerns Will Drive IT Security Spending Over $100 Billion by 2020
thinkCSC Leadership Series: The Relationship Between IT Security, Workplace Flexibility, and Talent Management

September 2016

Aligning IT Strategy with Your Business
Cybercriminals are Going Phishing for Your Data
Small Businesses Are a Big Target
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Better IT: Building
Partnerships that Last

June 2016

The Argument for Endpoint Security
Nonprofits: Operate Lean with Managed Services
Do You Know Where Your Cloud Is?
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Creating a Thriving Company Culture

March 2016

Avoid Devastating Security Breaches with Sender Policy Framework
BDR: Three Reasons to Take Action Now
It’s Really Easy to Be Tricked by Spoofed Email and It WILL Cost You
thinkCSC Leadership Series: To Avoid Failure, Choose Success


December 2015

thinkCSC Recognized for Outstanding Service
Prepare Your Business for Power Outages
Take Steps Now to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
IT Security Is Not Just for Big Businesses and Banks
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Columbus Ranks High for Millennials

September 2015

thinkCSC Business Continuity Series: Start with a Plan
5 Reasons You Need Something More Secure than Dropbox
Who Is Running the Network Operations Center Protecting Your Data?
Ohio Schools Face Many Challenges Implementing EdTech

June 2015

Cloud Security Needs to Be a Priority
How Is Your IT Health?
Phishing Takes Advantage of Your Weakest Security Link
Does Your Business Need a vCIO?

March 2015

IT Trends – 2015 Edition
EdTech Takes Center Stage
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Columbus Is an Intelligent Place to Do Business
The #1 Threat to Business Security


December 2014

Securing Your Business Network
We Help Our Clients Keep Their Promises to Their Customers
thinkCSC Leadership Series: Community Properties of Ohio and CPO Impact
Protecting Your Data Is a Full-Time Job
Security Alerts

September 2014

Secure Mobility Is the Key to Productivity
thinkCSC Managed Services: Making IT Expense Predictable
thinkCSC Leadership Series: EO Columbus
HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Recall and Replacement Program
Security Alerts

June 2014

CSCare vs. OEM Warranties
thinkCSC Adds Microsoft Lync to Collaboration Offerings
The Importance of Protecting Your Files Is No Joke

March 2014

The Arts Show a Direct Impact on Economic Development
5 Tech Trends Every Business Should Be Considering in 2014
2014: New Storage Technologies Take Center Stage


December 2013

Ohio: A Great Place to Do Business
Windows XP Faces Extinction
Support Remote Workforce Options This Winter without Sacrificing Productivity and Information Security

September 2013

I Know I Can Makes a Difference for Columbus
Lose DropBox: Get Your Organization in Sync with thinkCSC’s SyncedTool
Managing the Cost of Tech Mandates in Ohio Schools
2013 Best of Columbus – Computer & Software

June 2013

Columbus 2020: Investing in the Future of Columbus
Managing IT Costs More Effectively
Establishing Managed IT Services

April 2013

thinkCSC and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce: Building Business and Community
Cool Tools: Features of Voice over IP and PBX Follow Me
School, Technology and Budgeting: Making the Most of the Mandate

January 2013

Life Lessons from the Non-Profit LifeCare Alliance
Run Windows on Macs with Virtualization
Physical Security Goes Digital


October 2012

Connecting and Growing with a Client: YWCA Partnership
Budget Crunch + Tech Requirements = Back to School Headaches for Administrators
Disaster Recovery that Works in the Virtual World

July 2012

The Leader in the Mirror
VoIP Makes a Virtual Office Work
Can You Take Care of Your Customers if Disaster Strikes?

April 2012

Welcome to Our New Place
IT Forecasting will help keep your organization within Budget
To Mac or Not to Mac…Making the Right Decision for Your Business
thinkCSC Career Opportunities

February 2012

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk
4 Keys to Choosing a Mac Service Provider
School Computing: Wireless Network and Security


December 2011

Happy Holidays!
Is Your Head In The Cloud?
Selflessness Is Strength
Expand Your Workforce With Remote Work Possibilities

August 2011

The Columbus Partnership and thinkCSC
Security Is Something to Think About Before a Breach Occurs
The Benefits of Using Microsoft Exchange Server
Small Business Case Study
thinkCSC CTO Report

February 2011

Cloud Computing
Hardware Refresh
thinkCSC is Hiring


November 2010

Security Response Planning
Basic Troubleshooting Steps
thinkCSC Upcoming Events
Did you know?

July 2010

Signs of a Scam
Tips to Speed Up Your Computer
Join Our Team
Email Archiving

June 2010

Social Media: Are you Linked
Security in the School System
Cloud Computing
Join Our Team
New Look
Out of Date, Out of Budget

February 2010

Lunch and Learn
Reasons to be Proactive with IT
Data Security and you!
CSClient Spotlight
Business CSCase Study


November 2009

HP Offers Windows 7 Upgrade
CSClient Spotlight
Join Our Team
Google Gmail Disruptions
5 Tips for Improving Your Web Site

September 2009

HP Offers $800 in Rebates
What Employees Want from You as a Leader
iPod Touch Sizzles
thinkCSC Client Profile – CCDC

August 2009

Retreats Revamp your School Staff
Social Media Marketing Tips
Growing Businesses: Understanding the Stimulus Package
thinkCSC Client Profile – Central Marketing Associates

July 2009

thinkCSC Introduces New Warranty
HP’s Elitebook 2530p Ranked #1 Business Notebook
Entrepreneur’s 7 Steps to the Perfect Marketing Plan

June 2009

5 Tips on Budgeting
thinkCSC Hosted Services
Apple Introduces New White MacBook Model
Bill In Congress Would Promote Small Business, Economic Stimulus

May 2009

CSC’s Favorite Websites
K-12 Education Save Money with Printers
CSC is a Microsoft Gold Certified, Small Business Specialist
4 Questions to Ask Before Cutting an Expense
Quick Tips: Keep your Computer Running

April 2009

Execute Without Drama
10 Emails You Should Never Send
Warranty Savings with CSCare
thinkCSC Employee Spotlight- Julianne Wallace

February 2009

It’s About Results
thinkCSC upgrades offer clients additional security and features
IT Savings With CSC
Featured Product: Sonic wall TZ 210

January 2009

CRM: What is it, and do I need it?
Hardware and Software Savings With CSC
Protect Your Data with Hosted Services
HP dx9000 Touchsmart Business PC
CSC Client Profile