Stretch Your Operational Budget with thinkCSC

budget better with outsourced IT

There are economic signals suggesting that we may enter another recession: Manufacturing has slowed, and farmers are filing bankruptcy at the highest rates in over a decade. Recession is not imminent, but it is time to think about what you can do to help insulate your business from the risk by stretching your operational budget.

It’s Not Just About Spending Less – It’s About Spending Wisely

One method that organizations typically use to protect themselves against downturns is by tightening the budget. As you’re looking for ways to tighten up your spending, consider the cost-savings benefits of these Managed IT services:

Outsourcing IT

Affording your own CIO and IT team is costly. Not only do you have to pay wages and benefits, but you also must bear the cost of high turnover rates. Tech talent is in high demand and the best talent is difficult to find – and even harder to keep. By outsourcing your IT to a managed services provider, you eliminate the risk of not having the people you need to protect your business, and you don’t waste a lot of time hiring, training, and replacing IT people every year.

Predictable Expense versus Capital Expense

Unpredictable IT costs are both frustrating and difficult to manage. Your organization can feel the economic impact of both downtime and out-of-budget IT spend. A managed service provider (MSP) converts your organization’s IT spend from a capital expenditure to a predictable and manageable monthly operating expense, much like a utility. thinkCSC’s Managed Services minimizes the economic impact to your IT budget by guaranteeing a predictable monthly cost and improved uptime for your IT environment through proactive measures designed to take you out of the costly break-fix cycle.


The number of regulations for which businesses are required to maintain compliance continues to grow – and the resulting fines and penalties for not maintaining compliance can damage your company permanently. One of the most effective ways to maintain compliance with everything from GDPR to HIPAA is by ensuring that your data is adequately stored and protected.

Risk Management

You have a business to run. Ensuring that patches are installed in a timely manner and that you stay up to date with the technology and security required to keep your business operational is time-consuming and expensive. At thinkCSC, protecting your organization is all we do. Our knowledge and experience dramatically reduce your risk of being vulnerable to threats – and free you to focus on your customers and growing your business.

A managed service provider can offer your business the best solutions possible. We work diligently to ensure that the percentage you budget to IT is worth every cent. Partnering with the right managed services provider does make a difference in stretching your budget and riding out the storm of a recession, as well as protecting your business when the economic seas are calm.

Today’s MSP does more than just provide technology and facilitate server upgrades; the right MSP is an integral layer of your cybersecurity. At thinkCSC, cybersecurity is simply factored into everything we do. We can partner with your Columbus-region organization to develop a unique solution designed to fit your business model. Take the first step towards advanced cybersecurity practices and contact us today to learn more about our enhanced Managed Security options.