SMBs Have a Level Playing Field in Today’s IT Environment: Part 2

By April 25, 2017Business, Cloud Services, SMB

We’ve been exploring how IT is leveling the playing field for SMBs. SMBs can compete on nearly-equal footing with large enterprises – but whether this occurs or not depends entirely on whether SMB owners and leaders understand and capitalize on the areas in which technology is changing the way business is conducted: the cloud, mobility, and security.  In part two of this two-part series, we’ll explore the benefits of mobility and security for SMBs.


One of the most unique changes in workforce management that are a consequence of new technologies is the ability of many workers to be freed from the confinement of centralized, communal space. More and more people can now work from home or from regional offices without a loss in productivity or being cut off from immediate communication.

The benefits of employing a mobile workforce are primarily centered on one or two factors: a desire by employees to reduce commute times and increase personal time (individually or with family), and the reduced costs realized by companies in terms of office space, IT infrastructures, prompt completion of goals for tasks that are time-specific, etc. Some managers are concerned about productivity when they cannot monitor employees personally and directly, but many employees work even better when they are trusted and feel empowered – and you can use performance metrics just as effectively for a remote workforce as for an on-site group.

Anything that increases employee satisfaction while lowering costs simultaneously should be given serious consideration, and larger enterprises are using mobility as a competitive advantage. SMBs can level the playing field with a comprehensive mobile device management plan that allows them to increase productivity, offer more mobility options, and compete for better talent.


Security is the largest issue facing businesses in our current technological world. This is true especially for SMBs. For most companies in this category, security is a constant battle – or something left to chance. Unfortunately, many hackers are targeting SMBs, specifically because they are more vulnerable as a group. SMBs are often an easy target because security is not prioritized; as well, SMBs are a suitable testing ground for future attacks on larger, more lucrative corporations.

The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot leave security to chance. It must be given priority. For most SMBs, finding an established, effective partner is the best, simplest, most reassuring approach, but because today’s security solutions are affordable, customizable, and scalable, SMBs can obtain enterprise level protection that fits their budget constraints.

Understanding and implementing solid cloud, mobile, and security systems has the potential to even the playing field for SMBs. Successfully carrying out this integrated approach can help you grow beyond the traditional constraints of your industry, taking you to places you never imagined you could go. In these areas, thinkCSC has the expertise and experience to help your organization compete effectively in our evolving technological world.