Manage IT Costs More Effectively

mechanicDo you worry that when you take your car to the mechanic, more things will be wrong with the car after they see it than before? Do you stress over every hour your car is in the shop, knowing that it is racking up an ever-larger bill with each passing minute? If you could, would you pay a flat rate every month trusting that no matter what went wrong with your car, the mechanic would take care of it? And if you had an agreement like that, don’t you think that the mechanic would be certain to change the oil, rotate the tires and do all the other necessary preventative maintenance that would ensure the car remained finely tuned?

We don’t know of any mechanics who make such an offer, but the concept of a flat-rate service leading to better preventative care is transforming the way IT services are being handled. You can manage IT more efficiently.

Paying for Uptime

With a managed service plan, you and your IT provider work closely to ensure that your IT infrastructure and services are meeting your company’s needs. Because there is no hourly cost involved, it’s less likely that important proactive strategies will be ignored simply because of cost. By employing proactive measures to prevent disasters, a partnership-oriented relationship is created in which you are paying for uptime, not downtime. It turns IT support on its head.

Making IT Costs More Predictable

Consider the extraordinary cost of downtime on your organization. Hardware can fail, a server may crash, or data may become corrupted. These issues can impact your ability to provide service to your customers; in some cases, downtime can send them looking elsewhere. Whatever the issue may be, infrastructure failures can impact your business in unexpected ways. You may spend weeks rebuilding systems, reconnecting computers and restoring data. This becomes an enormous, unpredictable cost.

In our next blog, we will discuss how you can make your IT costs more predictable.

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