What Is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

enterprise mobility management

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘enterprise.’ Enterprise mobility management – the use policies, layered security, and monitoring of the use of mobile devices – is necessary for all organizations of all sizes. Controlling the use of company- and employee-owned mobile devices, enterprise mobility management is an essential facet of your overall IT management solution. Employees are going to use their personal phones to do business work – especially these days, given the high percentage of employees working remotely. It’s not a matter of if they will turn to their mobile devices but more a matter of how you will protect your data and network when they do.

How Does Enterprise Mobility Management Work?

Stemming from, and now inclusive of mobile device management, EMM provides your organization with the ability to protect your business while still offering your employees the flexibility to work wherever and however they need to. Comprehensive enterprise mobility management is more than just a set of policies about acceptable use. EMM gives your organization:

  • The ability to encrypt or remotely wipe devices or specific apps.
  • Limit app use on devices to business-specific apps based on specified parameters.
  • Use geofencing and beacons to better manage how devices are being used. For example, a geofencing perimeter can be set up around the building to prevent photos from being taken.
  • Control access to websites and files.
  • Apply rules based on individuals, departments, or locations.

Enterprise Mobility Management Is a Piece of the Endpoint Security Puzzle

An organization is only as secure as its least secure network access point. With such a large variety of operating systems and device types being used in daily operations, from Windows 10 to iOS and Android, EMM allows your organization to consolidate the management of threats, security, and access comprehensively. Combined with Acceptable Use policies that are strictly enforced, enterprise mobility management lets your employees remain productive and mobile, allowing them to work from virtually anywhere – all without compromising your security. Employees can have the same functionality in and out of the office.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

The benefits of EMM are undeniable.

Productivity and Efficiency: Implementing EMM solutions can improve efficiency and productivity among staff by 30-45%.

Security: Secures devices and apps at a granular level to prevent malware and other threats from gaining traction.

Mobility: Allows employees to work from anywhere, which can aid not only in productivity and your ability to support a remote workforce on a sustainable basis but also aides in attracting and retaining talent.

Enterprise mobility management allows you to support a flexible workforce while maintaining levels of security that won’t compromise your data.

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