Cybersecurity is the Toughest Team Sport You’ll Play

Even people who are not sports fanatics can understand that a single player does not make an entire winning team. A single star player, regardless of skill and ability, cannot bridge the gap that is created by those players whose performance is inconsistent. A winning season occurs when all players work together, recognizing and utilizing the strengths of each participant. Cybersecurity is no different. Your IT security network can be the best that money can buy, but a weak link anywhere in your infrastructure could render your entire strategy useless.

Know the rules of the game.

This might seem obvious, but leaders are not always the cybersecurity coaches they should be. Many employees are unaware of basic preventative measures that can reduce the chances of a breach. Understanding what a phishing email looks like or how to set a secure password are vital skills that every individual should have. It only takes one wrong move on the part of a user for malicious software to wreak havoc on your systems. If your players aren’t aware of the overall game plan or strategy, or that of the opposing team of hackers, you are bound to lose.

Playing off the field is risky.

Mobile devices are more common than ever before as technology continues to advance, and this can present a certain fragility to your cybersecurity strategy. Ensuring a secure network outside of your mainframe is necessary, otherwise you could compromise your entire infrastructure. Once again, your employees must understand the rules of accessing private networks on mobile devices, and your organization must provide a secure connection. Playing off the field is sometimes necessary, but your team needs to work together to gain the advantage.

You need a referee.

Another issue many organizations face is the lack of an IT department or in-house IT professional. Your systems must be consistently monitored for vulnerabilities or inconsistencies. Failure to keep systems up-to-date is a common cause of information leaks and data breaches. A holistic cybersecurity strategy requires that your network is supervised at all times, which is how appropriate conduct is ensured in sports. A referee is always present, and in many circumstances, there is more than one on the field to keep an eye on performance.

Cybersecurity is growing in complexity. Hackers are continuously learning innovative methods to gain access to private data. Consequently, this is one game that demands you remain on the offensive, for a defensive posture can often result in a delayed reaction. Although cybersecurity is comparable to a team sport, it’s not a game you want to lose. The ability to leverage the unique strengths of every department and individual in your organization is what will mitigate breaches, lowering risk substantially. By collaborating and sharing information within your organization, you capitalize on an overall robust infrastructure that deters hackers from every angle. You may not win every time, but you can certainly be the season champ.

At thinkCSC, we believe that in order to achieve maximum success, regardless of the size or type of your organization, you must make IT an integral part of your overall business strategy and partner with IT professionals who not only understand how to leverage technology to their advantage but who are also committed to understanding your business goals and aligning your IT strategy to theirs. We pride ourselves on having the best business-savvy technical experts in the industry. If you would like to learn how to create an IT security strategy aligned with your organizational goalscontact thinkCSC for more information.