Cybersecurity and the Shutdown

By January 16, 2019thinkCSC Security Alert
cybersecurity and the shutdown

As the shutdown continues – and even as outcomes are resolved and the government reopens – one area that has been adversely impacted by the shutdown in cybersecurity.

The continued shutdown of the U.S. government has impacted many industries and workers, but one area that is becoming a growing concern during the extended shutdown is cybersecurity. According to WIRED, organizations within the Department of Homeland Security—including the new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency launched in November—are operating with a skeleton crew. It’s more than just the lack of employees on the job now to keep things up and running – it’s the loss of expertise over the long term that has more people worried.

This 5-minute CBS News interview with Dan Patterson, Senior Producer at CNET, and this article, from WIRED, outline the risk the country is facing.

The impact may be long-lasting, and we encourage each organization (and employee) to do their part to be extra vigilant in this time of increased risk. If you are concerned about your cybersecurity strategy or have questions about how you can be more proactive, get in touch. Our team will be happy to help.